Services we provide

Manpower & Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

Excel Solutions invests in the credibility and potential of Human Capital. Because we believe, that the presense of enthusiastic & zealous employees, is imminently crucial for the progress of an industrial firm. A fresher guided towards a meant-to-be job can result in magnanimous, two-fold breakthrough that can financially uplift both the firm & the employee. Excel pledges to water down the hunt by recruiting firms for dedicated workers & make it our job, to get down in the mud & make our hands dirty as we incessantly scourge through the masses in quest for competent and adept employees who can spearhead any given task in the field of their choice.

Employee Assessment & Personality Grooming Service

Our dedicated team ensures that each candidate taken under our wing, receives unparalleled assistance before as well as during the process of recruitment for a job s/he desires. We painstakingly dig in to understand an organization’s vision, its objective and its working parameters. The potential candidates are thereby trained to be acquainted with the prevailing norms of the industry. We focus on the strengths of a candidate, effectively highlighting them and work on his/her weaknesses to ensure s/he has none by the end of his/her training.

Resume Modification Service

The ability to conjure up a perfect resume that fits your personality like a glove, is an art that is perfected by very few. Here at Excel Solutionss, we‘excel’ in that art. With seasoned experts at your disposal, every Excel candidate is provided with his/her own customized Resume that effectively compresses your entire academic & social achievements into selected, choice words that will successfully quench every recruiter’s thirst for a glimpse of your caliber.

Spoken English Training

We welcome students and enthusiasts from every thriving institution, promising to polish their profile in the most wholesome way possible. Get in touch with our in-house friendly instructors who are experts in helping you hone your fluency, with a regular scheduling of English-oriented classes during flexible hours & recurring batches. Excel arranges classes that start from the basics & help you build up your fluency from scratch. Achieve a refined professional persona & boost your confidence with an easily achievable fluency in English.