How To Organize Your Job Search

How To Organize Your Job Search


Looking for a job is stressful. It’s messy and takes a lot of patience and time. Most of this time is wasted on tasks that can be easily simplified or completely eliminated by getting organized during the job search process. Organizing your job search can help you spare precious time which can be better used to prepare for the job vacancy in Siliguri.

Table of contents:

  1. Use a simple spreadsheet
  2. Create a custom calendar
  3. Cloud-based file storage
  4. Sign up for job alerts

Here are a few ways in which you can optimize and organize your job search.

Use a simple spreadsheet

Whether you use Excel or Google Sheets, the idea is to store all of your job search activities in an easy to access chart. Make sure it is accessible even on your phone so you can update it in real time and things come up.

For starters, create a list of all the jobs you have applied to or plan to apply to and the state of your application. It is also a good idea to keep track of the login ids and passwords if you have had to create a registration id for the job.

Create a custom calendar

If you are actively on the job hunt spree, you may have multiple interviews liked up back to back. For instances as such it is best to create a custom calendar with automatic reminders to keep track of all the scheduled interviews and not miss any important appointments.

 You can also add reminders for thank you notes and when to follow up with each employer and deadlines for important jobs so that you meet the deadlines.

Cloud-based file storage

Cloud- based storage systems are your best friend. It will help you organize your job application materials so that you don’t have multiple versions of your cover letters and resumes floating around in all of your digital spaces. Doing that eliminates the risk of sending the wrong version to an employer or losing something altogether.

You can name each document with the position or company in the title so that you exactly know what cover letter and resume goes to which employer or company.

Sign up for job alerts

If you are looking for a job vacancy in Siliguri, setting up an alert can be one of the most helpful, time-saving tools. By having the most relevant jobs automatically delivered to you each day or week, you don’t waste time scouring the internet for jobs. You can use this time to focus on polishing yourself to be strongest candidate you can be.

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