Sales & Marketing Job Vacancy in Siliguri

Sales & Marketing Job Vacancy in Siliguri


If you are looking for a job in Siliguri in sales or marketing, you may be wondering what the roles for these positions specifically are. Although sales and marketing are considered different departments, they collaborate frequently to enhance the effects of the product campaigns. Getting a job in sales and marketing allows you to explore a varied career path entirely based on your interests and allows you to hone in your skills.

Table of contents:

  1. Career in Sales and Marketing
  2. How are sales and marketing combined?
  3. Common sales and marketing jobs

Career in Sales and Marketing

A career in sales involves creating strategies in order to sell a product or service. Salespeople are well-versed in the consumer buying process and are specially trained to promote a product's best features, making sure that the customer makes a purchase.

A career in marketing involves roles related to media planning, advertising, sales strategy and other methods of brand awareness designed to sell a product or service. Marketing takes many forms, traditional methods like radio, television and billboard advertising to digital marketing strategies that make use of both search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. Both careers require an avid understanding of the target audience and the decision-making process behind purchases.

How are sales and marketing combined?

The roles in Sales and marketing roles overlap in many occasions. Traditionally, the marketing department plans the initial product launch, this process involves researching target demographics, creating promotional materials and employing other forms of advertising designed to assist salespeople in their efforts to sell the service or product.

These two departments have merged in many small businesses over the years, creating dual-role positions. Since salespeople work directly with customers, they provide valuable insight as to what people want to see or buy. This information in turn helps marketers adjust their future strategies.

Common sales and marketing jobs

The three most common sales and marketing jobs in Siliguri are as follows:

Telemarketer: Telemarketers deliver sales pitches and encourage prospective customers to purchase their service or product. They work primarily over the phone calling numbers that appear in their database with the help of scripts.

 Sales and marketing manager: Sales and marketing managers are dual-role managers who are responsible for the research and development aspects of marketing and the implementation of sales strategies.

Market analyst:Market analysts are responsible for examining data related to marketing and sales efforts. This includes tracking the analytics of campaigns and identifying market trends.

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