Creative Ways To Get Your Job Application Noticed

Creative Ways To Get Your Job Application Noticed


In order to get approval, you just need to get noticed. This is very important to stand apart from other competitors. There are many strategies devised to counter this problem and has worked wonders for many job aspirants. Jobs in Siliguri are on the rise as it is the preferred place in the northern region for many commercial exploits and industries. But to get an opportunity to works on these firms you need to compete with many applicants and this is where these strategies will come in handy.

    In this article, all the deep insight will be provided about these strategies along with a small introduction about the agency that will help you counter jobs in Siliguri.

Table of Content: 

1. Strategies to get your application noticed.

2. Excel Solutions

3. Conclusions

Strategies to get your application noticed

1. Colours

This is one bright idea to use the correct amount of colour to highlight various points in your resume. The inclusion of colours is bound to turn the heads of the HR department and will be intrigued by what you have to offer.

    But one fine detail should be remembered that do not use too much colour as it will eliminate the professionalism and things might take other turns.

2. Scouting

This is an important feature as companies do not open vacancies on a regular basis. So it is important to keep track of them and apply them quickly when you discover information about an opening. This will help you to stay ahead in the race with respect to others.

3. Create a Website

This is a faster way of getting noticed by the recruiters. You can provide all your basic qualities in it so that a recruiter in need of those required qualities can scout you easily without much hassle.

4. Business Cards

These standardized cards may bring you a lot of fancy in various online portals and make your recruitment easier. It will help them to recognize all your brand values and your capabilities.

5. Connections

When you try out a lot of job interviews you are bound to meet many new people. These people may also help you to find out your desired job and improve your social circle.

6. Video Resume

This is a new method that is making rounds and catching the attention of recruits. Through video mail, a recruiter can easily understand your verbal qualities along with personality traits.

7. Good Impression

Your clothes will also play an important role in your selection. So you need to be well prepared with clean formal clothing to put a nice impression.


You should also be aware of all the news that is circulating about the company just for the sake of the interview.

Excel Solutions

We are a premier company that has been helping aspirants to find the best jobs in Siliguri. We try our best to provide essential support and guidance so that the aspirant lead to his desired job.


It is important to choose the correct ways to be visible in a job application with the help of a correct agency.

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